Have you ever seen a grumpy jogger? They don't exist. Exercise is the hallmark of healthy happy living, and it comes easily to those who are healthy and happy. Just the very thought of finding the energy to include fitness in your life can be exhausting, when you're feeling blue. Seems a cruel joke when it’s the very thing that will boost your brain back into business.

We encourage you to instead, poke around for some childhood recreational activities that you remember fondly. It doesn't matter if your body doesn't quite fit the toboggan, take a run down a snowy hill. Your feet probably haven't outgrown your rollerskates, dig them out of your basement and take a tour down the nearest bike path. Pay a one-time fee to make use of your local pool and paddle around with no particular agenda. Remind your body how good movement feels, and it will begin to crave more experiences that make that possible.

Physical fitness has been proven to realign brain chemistry and this restoration project can be kick-started by reminding your body of how good it feels to play.