Nutrition plays a vital role in emotional health. While we tend to view healthy eating as a necessary part of physical wellbeing, we seem to forget that our brains are a part of our physical make-up. Our brains need fuel too.

There are some fantastic advancements in the science of nutrition, all of them worthy of your time and attention. But in summary, fruits and vegetables remain top of the list for providing your brain with the building blocks for healthy happy chemistry. Surprised? No, surely you're not.

When we are emotionally drained, feeling guilty or angry or even mildly frustrated, we crave foods that match how we feel. There isn't anyone lying on a couch suffering from depression who craves a green smoothie. Unfortunately, that low energy place begets more of its kind. We continue to fuel our brains with the very foods that help us stay in that emotionally compromised state. A hunk of meat stuffed into a cardboard bun. Greasy french fries. A bag of chips. These foods take a long time to digest and use up valuable energetic resources doing so. We feel more depressed, more guilty, and more frustrated.

Taking a leap into healthy eating isn't going to last any length of time. Any dramatic change is doomed for failure. Instead, we encourage you to learn a little about the science behind what our brain requires for healthy-happy chemistry. We teach these tools in session, but there are also loads of articles you can sift through here that will help build a working knowledge of what it takes to feed your happy brain.