Literally, don't do - ANYTHING!

A state of relaxation can be pretty tough to achieve these days. We are inundated with bleeping mobile phones and social media, accessible every minute of the day awake or asleep. It's a lot of stimulation and our nervous systems feel it. Always.

Relaxation can mean many things. For some, floating along in a tin boat with a fishing rod is bliss on water. Other people find themselves surrendered to a good book on a comfy couch. Certainly yoga and meditation have been getting a lot of press of late, and with good reason. They both create a "short cut" or "neural network" in the brain that can be easily accessed, once well established.

You don't need to be a Buddha on a mountaintop to experience enlightenment. Getting lost in the woods on a warm spring day can surge the very same relaxation chemistry that Transcendental Meditation can produce. Find the place that soothes you most, and begin your daily practice.

And for a little incentive, read about just what is happening inside your brain that makes this habit an emotionally healthy MUST.